Blueberry Bagel 5 Pack

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Davidovich Blueberry Bagel 5-Pack - Enjoy a new favorite - the blueberry filled Davidovich Bagel. A great choice for a healthy and filling breakfast.

True NYC Bagel - Hand Rolled, Kettle Boild and Baked on Wooden Planks.

Ingredients: Unbleached Unbromated Flour (Wheat Flour Enriched Vitamins and Malted Barley Flour), Water, Brown Cane Sugar, Blueberry, Molasses, Malt, Salt, Yeast.

Davidovich Bakery opened in 1998 with a mission to preserve the tradition of bagel making – one that dates back to Mid-17th C. Europe. We strive to make the best possible bagel from all natural ingredients using the same recipe and baking process that our ancestors used. The final product is what we call a "Davidovich Bagel". For over a decade our customers have enjoyed our unique artisan products which are available in the finest stores of New York City