Coffee Blend Whole Bean 12oz

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- Coffee Blend Whole Bean 12oz

The perfect combination to our bagels and pastries, locally roasted in Monroe, NY.

NYC. The City that never sleeps. A lot thankfully to coffee and its magical properties! We have been drinking and serving coffee at Davidovich for as long as we remember, but it is only recently when we realized that something was missing in our cups- we thought the coffee could be fresher, more consistent and more unique in its flavor profile. We started sourcing more precisely and after working for a few years with best specialty coffee roasters in a region and sourcing the finest beans from the world, we still were not satisfied. We decided to embark on a new challenge - bringing roasting in house. 

Without making too much noise, we spent a whole year honing our technique and we are beyond excited to reinforce Davidovich by adding our newly launched Coffee Roasting Division in addition to our Artisan Bakeries. When roasting - "we create" by exploring and experimenting in small batches to make our menu even more personable and build a deep and engaged connection with our customers.  

At Davidovich, ethical sourcing is a vital element to our business. As we know in Baking where all of our ingredients come from. In Roasting we are also involved with the supply chain and know where the beans are farmed and processed. We work towards creating trading partnerships that are based on dialogue, transparency and respect. We commit ourselves to making the best choices for the environment and the countries our coffee supply. We source Specialty coffee beans only. Only the characteristics of these beans exhibit the most favorable cup qualities. With its consistency in size and shape allowing coffee to roast evenly. Our roasts are customized to provide you with a complete and unique experience of Davidovich, whether you are enjoying it on our own or complementing your favorite Davidovich product. 

WHY IS OUR COFFEE UNIQUE?  We don’t roast for other companies!!! We roast for our operations needs only. It gives us all the flexibility to be creative and concentrate all our energy in a very particular Davidovich flavor.